Our history:

Our workshop boasts a "historic" presence in Vercelli; repairers for generations, we offer the most advanced techniques and technologies applied in the field of road preparation and racing, in multi-brand ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, in the many repairs of historic cars and supercars.

Our team:

Roberto Rosso

With forty years of experience in the auto repair sector, expert and great connoisseur of the mechanics of Italian cars from the 70s onwards, he has always moved and acted in this sector driven by an immense and inexhaustible passion for automobiles: a passion transmitted to him by father and, now, with great pride, handed down to his son Nicolò.

Today he assists in the workshop work and takes care of the technical-administrative-accounting part.

Nicolò Rosso

Car driver from the age of 15, starting from Formula cars, he then immediately embraced the philosophy of Japanese cars and their world that surrounds them: in fact, he began his Drifting career in 2006 aboard a Nissan Silvia S14 , obtaining outstanding results in Italy and in Europe.
All this has allowed Rossomotorsport to obtain a great deal of experience in the preparation of this type of car.

An expert in car electronics, he is the one who obsessively takes care of the ECU remapping.

Diego Trentonci

Passionate about cars at 360 degrees from the age of 8 the first experiences on the track with karts and motorcycles. He has been working in the automotive sector for 10 years and boasts various skills in the field of car repairs and in road and track testing.

He works on every type of car with the passion and care that distinguish Rossomotorsport.

Company timeline:


Opening of the new RossoMotorsport website

RossoMotorsport presents the new website


RossoMotorsport becomes a company

It is the year of the transformation of the brand into a company; what was only the logo of the sole proprietorship now becomes the name, the connotation and the real soul of the company: ROSSOMOTORSPORT.


Nicolò's entry into the company and his beginnings as a drift driver

It was Nicolò's turn, who after completing his studies as an electronic expert, joined his father Roberto at the helm of the company. These were the years of great changes: first of all, Nicolò's participation as a driver in the most important Italian and international drifting championships meant that the preparation of his car, always and rigorously carried out in the workshop, further opened Roberto's mind and Nicolò, who will thus be ready to transfer this particular knowledge to the cars of the sportiest and most demanding customers; as a second effect, getting rid of the historic single-brand brand and the exponential increase in investments in equipment and updates in the electronic - chip tuning sector led the company to be an important quality reference now at a national level.


Roberto begins to manage RossoMotorsport

The company passes completely into the hands of Roberto, who follows the path of qualitative research and, above all, begins to increase the space to be dedicated in the company to electronic tuning and road preparations in general.


With Roberto begins the era of electronics in RossoMotorsport

At the end of his studies as a mechanical expert, Roberto enters to assist Aurelio in the business and immediately incites his father to recognize that something in the automotive world was changing: the era of electronics was beginning, and it was precisely here that good part of the investments in knowledge and equipment to always be efficient and in step with the times.


RossoMotorsport offers multiple services and becomes a reference point for Alfa Romeo enthusiasts

The specialization in the repair of Italian cars and the acute stubbornness of Aurelio, in wanting to carry out any work inside the workshop (from overhauls - engine adjustments to vehicle alignment checks) mean that already in those years the company became a important reference in the area and beyond, in particular, obviously, by the passionate users of Alfa Romeo.


RossoMotorsport becomes an Alfa Romeo Authorized Workshop

Within a very short time, Aurelio obtained the prestigious opportunity to become an Alfa Romeo Authorized Workshop, when there was not even an official dealership in Vercelli.


RossoMotorsport was born thanks to Rosso Aurelio

After a very long experience in Italy and abroad in the car repair sector, Rosso Aurelio, Roberto's father, decided that the time had come to build something of his own, and began work on what is still the headquarters of Rossomotorsport today.

Rossomotorsport is a multi-brand workshop, specialized in ECU tuning, Supercar Classics, drift and track.

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